Proof of Performance

Proof of Performance
  • Optical Link Proof of Performance Optical Fiber changed our world, vastly improving performance and reliability. It's easy to forget that the optical link is the single largest contributor to signal degradation. Optimize your links. Keep them that way by testing thoroughly and often.
  • End of Line Proof of Performance and Certification The ultimate performance measurement. Prove out your design criteria, headend, optical link, coaxial plant and the methods your technicians employ to set up and maintain your network.
  • Upstream Proof of Performance and Certification including 16 QAM digital analyses with Sunrise Telecom AT 2500RQ.
  • Headend and OTN Proof of Performance Testing Get it right at the source.
  • FCC Part 76.605 Compliance Measurements including chrominance-luminance, diff phase & diff gain. Testing Platforms and Software: Agilent 8591C and Sunrise Telecom AT2500 RQ.

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