All GoDirect vehicles employ leakage detection equipment. Aggressive leakage monitoring and repair will eliminate hundreds of ingress entry points.

GoDirect employs installation technicians as needed to perform repairs to the service drop portion of your network. GoDirect will isolate and repair hard line issues but consider the following: While it's true that ingress entering your network through compromised shielding along the hard-line will typically reach your upstream receiver at a much higher level than average drop noise, it is also likely that only 15% of unwanted signals, on average, find their way onto your network through the hard-line. When experts agree that 85% of unwanted signals in the upstream spectrum enter your network from service drops and subscriber wiring why not employ a contractor that repairs both?

Ingress suppression is similar to truck washes, truck repairs, uniforms, etc. It never goes away completely. Why not purchase value with the dollars in your suppression budget? Why pay a suppression contractor to install hundreds of high pass filters on service drops, only to pay your own personnel or an installation contractor to remove the same filter later when the service call for modem or VOD outage reaches your Network Operations Center. Make sure the tech removing that filter knows why it’s there in the first place and how to fix the problem within the customer’s home. Not only will this service reduce the composite ingress level at the CMTS, it will also reduce your future truck rolls for issues within these homes.

GoDirect employs Sunrise Telecom AT 2500 analyzers attached to Sunrise Telecom 1602 RF switches to monitor upstream performance remotely.

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