• Sweep procedures will derive from published Design Criteria for your system
  • Sweep process will identify splicing errors including the use of equipment that does not match the design maps.
  • Excellent documentation in useful digital format.
  • TDR traces in two directions for all spans of cable handed in for replacement
  • Repair crews for fault repairs on cable spans exhibiting a single fault.
  • Thorough tracking of remaining issues in the field
  • Follow up on remaining issues in the field

Sweep Platforms Employed by GoDirect

  • Acterna SDA 5000 Series
  • Acterna D Sam 6000 Series
  • Sunrise Telecom 3010 Series


GoDirect offers electronic production reporting on a daily basis. Learn the status of your project from anywhere at any time.

GoDirect offers a 100% digital record of sweep and testing activities and we can teach your system personal how to use our docs to monitor your network performance and manage your techs post upgrade.

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